Using Knitting to Unwind

Hand knitting is a powerful hobby that allows you to express your creativity. The so-called new yoga, knitting is the preferred therapeutic activity for many people. That is because it has just the right balance of relaxing pattern repetition and challenging skills. In other words, the repetitive nature and mild meditation involved undoubtedly helps to reduce stress levels anecdotally. The repetitious movement of the needles and yarn has a calming effect.

Mindfulness can be a difficult technique to teach, particularly to those who need it the most. When you’re working on a knitting project, hours can go by where you’re just in the moment. That is because making things with your palms and fingers gives you a feeling of control and mastery. You’re following through on something, and you’re following a pattern.

Knitting offers an escape for the mind while providing the hands with something to do. You don’t have to make anything worth keeping while knitting. People are using this for relaxation and don’t necessarily have the end-product in mind. While it does help improve fine motor skills, it also improves cognitive abilities.

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